Choreographed Depth of Field

2012 3-Dimensional Front Competition
뉴욕의 가로환경을 풍성하게 만들기 위한 Urban aperture 설치작품

The project is developed for a unique structure that is motivated by organic cellular structures. Each quadrangle (assigned with 2’ and 4’ top and bottom side, 5’-8”, 7’-2” and 9’-2” height) is treated as a panel and filled with three sizes of circular cells (10”, 14” and 18”diameters) via random packing simulation, and T-Spline algorithm transforms the panels into 3 dimensional organic cellular structures. Various openings due to those cells function as a camera aperture focusing urban landscape with different depth of field. Also, projected large cells in the bottom rows provide a sitting platform—combined with various depths of passages by panel layout in plan—facilitating an inhabitable choreographed space, i.e., ‘Urban Aperture.’

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