Plaza @ Beach 21st

Far Rockaway Competition
주상복합 공공임대주택 현상설계안

The building design celebrates the vantage point with three major design features. First, a large 2nd floor roof terrace is visible, landscaped with a variety of colors and textures, and populated with different areas of seating nestled between planters or shaded under a tension-structure canopy that is a feature on the terrace. Second, the building massing is carved out in a “cantilevered” form to provide a shaded area on the terrace and to break down the scale of the building when viewed from the adjacent Plaza. It was critical to create a dynamic relationship to the Plaza, and this building shape allows a synergy of people and activity between those in the Plaza with those on the terrace. Third, the façade is patterned with cladding panels of different colors and textures, with panels printed with a subtle image of water along the shore to visually link the building to the Rockaway Beach neighborhood.

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