Sampo Hotel

Gangwon-Do, Goseong
삼포 관광호텔

The site is located across the Sampo beach along the shoreline of the East Sea in South Korea. Sampo beach is known for its emerald green color and shallow water, perfect for the accessibility of all ages. Our inspiration came from the most pronounced play in the beach, i.e., the play of water between sand, beach, and ocean wave. It is a very basic form of play that gives so much fun from never-ending interaction between the two very distinctive textural materials, sand and water. Color variations within sands and the ocean wave are very interesting and our design became about how we wanted to represent this play  in a more metaphorical way


대지위치: 강원도 고성군 삼포리 일대

지역/지구: 계획관리지역

건물규모: 지하 1층 / 지상 4층

구조: 철근콘크리트구조

주용도: 숙박시설

대지면적: 1,342 ㎡

건축면적: 452 ㎡

연면적: 1,892 ㎡

건폐율: 33.7%(40% 이하)

용적율: 98.6%(100% 이하)

최고높이: 20.25m

상태: 공사중 (Under construction)

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